Monday, June 26, 2006

Work is tiring ... that's surprising!

I've just started work at Bethany Christian Trust as a support worker in their Supported Housing department. It is interesting and looks like it might be quite varied, visiting a number of different clients with very different support needs, to support them on their journeys towards "independent living" (is there such a thing?). I have a one year contract to allow me and my family to work through our application, and hopefully preparations, to work with European Christian Mission in Austria. This is our longer term goal, based on a sense that God is leading us this way, most recently endorsed by an excellent college placement with a church in Linz. (Now all my links on the right bar make sense.)
But I must confess that I am surprised how tired I am. I thought I'd be loving not having all this extra work to do in the evening and was thinking how creative my blog would become. But I get home and the thought of doing anything except crashing in front of crappy telly is beyond me. (Obviously not totally beyond me or this wouldn't be here!) Maybe its because I started work before Bible College term officially finished, so I got no break. Maybe its because working with people is quite tiring. Maybe its because working for a Christian organisation sets up all sorts of expectations for an office without politics... foolish expectation that!!!
Anyway, since I can't be productive, and I found my friend Richard has been, I'd like to recommend his theological take on work here.
(image: Tired Bloggers by Justin Pfister, 2005)

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