Friday, May 19, 2006

Who gives a fig

So I'm looking for a fig tree ... actually, since I'm taking my blog title from the Bible verse, Micah 4:4, I'm also looking for a vine:

"Every man will sit under his own vine and under his own fig tree ..." (NIV, 1984)

Perhaps I'm attracted to this vision of the kingdom of God because, although I believe in community, deep down I'm inherently individualist. Maybe, or maybe I'm introverted rather than individualist ... but I do think its a vision of a pretty good home, and right now I don't feel quite at home. Its a vision of abundance without being ostentatious, a vision of simplicity that is sufficient. Its a vision where I and my neighbour share true contentment. But its not my current experience.

And so I do give a fig. I'm looking forward to the fig tree. But for this life, the fig tree is growing (much like a mustard tree I suspect) and the vine is being prepared. I been allowed to see some of the cultivation phase, but I'm pretty sure most of the growth and preparation I don't see. I'd like to use this blog to share what I do see, and to speculate with others on what we don't get to see.

PS. Maybe its a vision that reflects Eden, where the fig leaves are still on the tree! (In which case its a good job we get our own tree to sit under!).


Peter F said...

Nice figs. I must say that I'm not a regular commenter on Blogs but a fairly regular reader of some. However once more I have the chance to be the first to leave a comment, so here it is.
If the things you write on the blog are half as thoughtprovoking as our chats and your questions in class it will be an inspiring read. Cheers. pete

boxthejack said...

Fascinating post - I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter in your story! All the best with your fig tree hunting.

Jamie said...

I can't imagine that "fig tree" hunting is particularly hard. I mean, they're hardly the most mobile of prey are they?

Ho hum

Looking forward to sharing the blogosphere with you bro!


Johnny said...

Thanks Jamie ...
Its not that they're hard to find, its that they're so vulnerable. You make one little comment about lack of fruit one day and ...