Sunday, June 11, 2006

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The problem with me having a blog is that I don't like to feel I'm just asking the questions others are asking, without contributing something towards a possible answer. But when I stick to that I go weeks without a blog, whereas, if a blog is an honest record, perhaps I need to record the "not making progress" thoughts too.

In my last essay, I've been struggling with the question of whether approaching theology from something of a Social Trinity angle helps shed any light on the Open Theism/ Classic Theism debate. Ie does God's sovereignty necessarily require that he knows the future perfectly, or is the future something which genuinely doesn't exist yet, so to say God already knows it perfectly is as illogical as talking of round squares.

Is the future still being created in response to humanity's actions? Sounds very "potter's wheel".

If I'm honest I recognise Open Theism realistically reflects the way I pray and live in relationship with God (except when I feel lazy enough to want to be fatalistic.) However, for God to not know what's going to happen when he leads me out of a good job towards becoming a missionary ... I don't mind taking those risks believing God has it sorted, but I'm not so sure about God taking the risks.

I think Trinitarian thinking probably does help ... something about recognising the nearness of God in Incarnation and in the ever present Spirit helps us with relationship, but something about this being a way into transcendence of God helps us remember the mystery.

Also, Openness and Free Will represents God making space for humanity/creation within himself, allowing himself to be affected by humanity/creation. But in Trinitarian terms the Father is eternally making space in himself for the Son and the Spirit, the Son for the Father and Spirit, the Spirit for the Son and the Father. Since each of the persons are involved in making space for humanity/creation, then do they do so differently to be able to continue making space for each other?

Also, being in control and pre-creating all of time are not necessarily the same.

So like I said at the beginning, lots of branches but little fruit on this thought tree.


boxthejack said...

Struggling to engage my brain on this issue - I have to say the Open Theism question has failed to capture my imagination. I don't actually mind whether my prayers are influential as such or not! Still I thought I'd send appreciative thoughts your way - I enjoy your blog a great deal, particularly when mine's descended into depressive political analysis and World Cup chat.

Johnny said...

Cheers. Appreciative thoughts received well!

Bit flummoxed by Middle East politics. Must say my thoughts that a 2-state solution sounds good probably comes from a fairly uninformed "why can't we just all get along" sentiment.